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Overall Satisfaction
Loyalty/Retention Strategies
Lost Customer Analyses
Mystery Shopping
Market Segmentation
Product/service Usage


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Strategies for Growth
Competitor Identification
Expanding product/Service Mix for New Markets
Marketing Strategy Development
Defining Primary vs. Secondary Target M

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Image Assessments
Market Share Measurement
Defining Competitor Strengths/Weaknesses
Strategies for Acquiring competitors' customers

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New Product Concept Development
New Product Concept Evaluations
Demand Forecasting by Market Segment
Price Sensitivity Analyses

Branding strategies

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Identifying Acquisition Targets
Assessing Target Company Customer Satisfaction
Determining Competitive Strengths/Weaknesses
Customer Receptivity to Price Increases
Demand for new products/services

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Name Awareness/Familiarity
Image strengths/weaknesses
Image vs. Key Competitors
Public Relations
Crisis Management
Name Change

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Advertising Development
Advertising Testing
Price Sensitivity Analyses
Improving Distribution Channels
Marketing Communication
Website Evaluations

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Identify Market Trends
Competitor Assessments
Identification of Key Opportunities & Threats
Mergers & Acquisitions
new product/service development

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employee Satisfaction stRengths/weaknesses
Retention Strategies
Work/Life Flexibility
Lost Employee Assessments
Alignment with Corporate Visions/Goals

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Balancing Corporate vs. Family Member Needs
Transition from Private to Public Ownership
Ownership/Management Transition
Developing Effective OWNER Communication

Strategic Planning

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Strategies for Growing Membership
Member Satisfaction
Retention Strengths & Weaknesses

New Service Development
Member Education/Training Seminars
Newsletter Articles
New Member Analyses